My name is Melissa Overgaard and i’m Swedish. I’ve been interested in health and wellness since i was a teenager. I was working as a full time model for many years and needed to look and feel my was hard to find a balance and i got confused by all different diets and fitness recommendations.

I learned how to get to know my own body and how to find what works for me, food and exercise wise. I don’t believe in diets and quick-fixes. If you find your balanced lifestyle, you will reach your ideal weight and health goals without restrictions, feelings of guilt or hunger. You will and deserve to feel happy and content!

Since I’m very passionate about health, I decided to take my interest to the next level to become a holistic health coach. I studied at in in new york city where I got my certification. Now, I’m guiding other people to reach their personal health and wellness goals, and I love my job. I love traveling to warm places, cooking and eating plant based foods, reading books, exercising and doing yoga. I’m a certified yoga teacher and I got my certification at caribe yoga academy in costa rica.

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