Taking care of your appearance can help boosting your confidence and also the love for yourself and your body. Sure, to eat healthy and do some type of workout is most important to stay healthy, but sometimes we want to give ourselves and our looks a bit of extra love and care. There is definitely nothing wrong with that! Here are my favorite holistic beauty routines that I do regularly to feel (and look) my best.

I love coffee, and I love a good coffee scrub! You can either make one yourself or buy one online or in a health store. If you make your own you can use ground coffee beans, coconut oil and a bit of sea salt. Coffee scrub exfoliates your skin and removes dead skin cells and brings out healthy skin underneath. The antioxidants in the coffee will make your skin glow! It also has many other benefits: the caffeine improves blood circulation, can reduce cellulite, puffiness under eyes and redness in the skin. 

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. Every essential oil has it’s own unique smell and benefits. You can either inhale them or put them on your skin. Not all essential oils should be in direct contact with your skin though, so make sure to ask in the store when you buy them or do a quick research about the specific essential oil you’re interested in. The benefits of essential oils are endless and they can help with so many things! Both physically and mentally. A few examples of what it can help you with: dry skin, pain relief, oily skin, stress relief, better focus, boost your immune system, better sleep etc. 

If you want to get clear skin, first thing I would recommend is to cut out refined sugar, processed foods and dairy from your diet and drink loads of water. But I would also recommend to give your body that extra boost from the inside for a healthy glowing skin. I like to drink a super food powder blend in the morning. Either a green one or red one. You can add it into a smoothie if you struggle a bit with the taste or simply just stir it in a glass of water and maybe add some freshly squeezed lemon. It’s a great way to start your day with a boost of nutrients! 
My favorite powder blends comes from SUPER U and are called ”Clean Greens immunity blend”, and ”Berry Beauty antioxidant blend”. Both of them have so many health benefits. 

I dry brush my skin a few times a week. I just love how smooth it makes my skin. Both face and my whole body. I use a small and softer brush for the face and a bigger one for the body. I brush with a light to medium pressure (no need to brush like crazy with a strong pressure!). Apart from making the skin very smooth it’s also said to boost blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system which will help your body to detoxify itself, reduce cellulite (yes it’s true!) and improve your immune system. I like to do it in the morning before showering because it can also increase your energy. 

Fresh Aloe vera, yes – the gel inside the actual plant, has many great benefits and antibacterial properties. It’s soothing and moisturizing for skin, so if you have a wound or if your skin is red from being in the sun too long, apply some fresh aloe vera gel, directly from the leaf! It can also help against break outs. You can also eat the gel to improve your digestive health. Why not putting a piece of gel in your smoothie in the morning! I have a plant at home, but I know you can also buy single pieces of the leaf in specific health or fruit stores. I would recommend having your own plant because it’s cheaper and it’s also very pretty to look at. They grow so fast!

If you workout a lot, if you have pain or aches in your body -this is perfect for you! A hot bath is calming and the Epsom salt will relax your muscles. The salt breaks down to sulphate and magnesium and your body will absorb it through your skin. I think everyone should take a Epsom salt bath every now and then, since it’s great against stress, soreness and stiffness. Add a few drops of lavender oil in your bath for a lovely fragrance and improved relaxation. 

I spray rose water on my face every day. It’s refreshing and smells amazing. It contains antioxidants that is great for your skin, has anti-aging properties, soothing against skin irritation and redness, and it can enhance your mood. It can also help against head aches and sore throat. 

This is a massage tool for your face made out of crystals! The most common ones are made of jade, rose quartz or amethyst. It reduces puffiness and inflammation in your skin, reduces wrinkles and eliminates toxins. It’s also great for giving your skin better texture and smaller pores. Roll upwards for a lifting result. And remember that the different crystals has different benefits so choose the one that suits you the most. 

If your skin is dry or needs some extra glow, or if you want it to feel super smooth, use coconut oil! It’s really incredible on the body but also great to put in your hair. Apply it to dry ends and the lengths of your hair and leave it in for a couple of hours. It will make your hair super soft and add moisturizer and shine!  Plus it smells so good. I also use it when I tan, it naturally has SPF 4 and gives you such a nice even tan. Always use an organic coconut oil. I would not use it for my face though, since it can clog pores.

Last but not least, as you’ve probably heard many times before: drink a lot of water! It really makes such a difference on my skin. It just looks healthier and has more natural glow. So many people are dehydrated without even knowing. I recently bought a copper water bottle that according to Ayurveda had lot’s of health benefits like improving your digestive system, prevents aging and keeps skin healthy and glowing.