• I just got a new blender and I’m so excited to finally start drinking green smoothies (juices would work too!) every day again. They help me to stay on track with my healthy lifestyle and feel motivated to take good care of my body every day. But apart from that, why are green smoothies so good for us? And now I’m talking about fresh ones you make yourself, not store bought ones.

    Ingredients for a delicious green smoothie.
    Pear, lemon, cucumber, ginger, baby spinach and cashew milk.

    Your body has a PH-level that shouldn’t be too acidic nor too alkaline. Things like processed foods, coffee, polluted air and stress are all very acidic for the body. If your body is too acidic it’s easier to catch diseases. Greens helps to keep your body’s PH level neutral which improves overall health, builds a strong immune system and helps maintaining a healthy weight.

    Greens are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.
    We all want that in our bodies!

    Greens contains a lot of water. So you will get a lot of nutrients and hydrate your body at the same time.

    All the nutrients, fiber and water will help to keep you full and also boost your energy throughout the day. You will feel satisfied and reduce cravings for unhealthy food. 

    Greens will make your skin glow! They help your body get rid of toxins which can clear up your skin. They also boost cell growth and like I mentioned earlier, hydrates your body which is great against wrinkles.

  • So simple. Yet so delicious and healthy. It’s not coincidence that avocado toast is super popular in many parts of the world. Avocado on toast is a winning combination. And you can easily switch it up with different toppings and flavors! 

    Start to make the actual avocado mixture. It’s up to you though if you want to make it into a “smash” or just slice the ripe avocado and press it onto your toast with a fork. I prefer to smash and mix it in a bowl together with freshly squeezed lemon juice, black pepper and a small pinch of salt before spreading it on the actual toast. Sometimes I add some herbs or spices too. But, I prefer to keep it simple not to reduce the flavor of the delicious avocado. 

    Choose a good bread and toast it lightly. It’s very bad for you to eat burnt food, so make sure to just give the bread a hint of color and a crispy surface. For my avocado toast I prefer a freshly baked sour dough bread. The sourdough is fermented which is good for your gut-health! 

    Spread the avocado mixture on to your warm toast, and now it’s time for the toppings! I love to add tomatoes that I roast on low heat in the oven, they get sweet and juicy and makes the toast even more creamy. But of course you can choose any toppings that you prefer. Fresh tomatoes, chopped red onion, sprouts and balsamico are some of my favorites. Sprinkle with chili flakes if you like it spicy or add some other seeds or nuts to make it even more nutritious. I love to sprinkle my avocado toasts with chiliflakes, hemp seeds and poppy seeds. Lastly, add fresh herbs like basil or maybe coriander and some more squeezed lemon juice on top. 

    Yes, it’s that easy! Always remember to use perfectly ripe avocados for the best possible flavor and texture. 

    Avocados are a true superfood! They contain lot’s of vitamins like vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin E, minerals and antioxidants. They are also proven to reduce inflammation in the body and lower cholesterol. 

    Avocados are for sure one of the best fat sources you can have in your diet.

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