• Loving yourself. What an important and essential thing to do. Yet, so many of us get lost and distracted by all norms and rules in society of how we should be, look like, feel like, and how we should act. How much we should work, train and eat. So many rules and ”goals” that are simply impossible for each and every one of us to reach. Striving to become this or that or ”perfect” only creates pressure and anxiety. I’m not saying you shouldn’t aim high and work for your goals. But should you really listen to other peoples opinions of what is the perfect life, the perfect body, the perfect job, the perfect…etc.

    Let me tell you one thing. You are already enough. Just as you are, right now. You are enough. Everything you need, your courage, motivation, love, strength and compassion: everything you need is already within you. And sometimes we do get distracted and disconnected, and that’s okey, we can always find our way back.

    6 ways to loving yourself more

    Always remember that you are enough just as you are, always. Nobody is perfect and has the perfect life. Everyone has their own struggles that they don’t post all over Instagram. Always remember that. Ask yourself who you are without describing your looks or your work title: it doesn’t define who you truly are. Get to know yourself better by focusing on what you like to do and what makes you truly happy. What makes you smile, what are you day dreaming about on a rainy day, what can you think off that gives you that extra push of motivation? What books do you like to read and what sports makes you feel energized? When do you feel the most creative? Think of things that you love doing and do more of that.


    I know, it can be fun to be busy and be running around the city with a matcha latte in one hand and answering work emails with the other while you are on your way to meeting one of four. It can be fun to go straight from work to meet up with your friends for a drink before that evening shopping event. It can be fun to squeeze in a yoga class together with that cute guy who smiled at you earlier this morning before an important lunch meeting with your boss. I know, it can all be a lot of fun! But, there are also times where you actually don’t really feel like doing something on your free time, but you end up doing it anyways. Maybe because you are afraid to miss something fun or you are worried that your friends or other people will think you are boring. Remember: you are NOT boring! We simply can’t say yes to everything that happens all the time, or we are going to lose the fun part of it and only feel how we get more and more stressed out. If you are exhausted from work and all you want to do is to relax at home, then that is what you should do. Explain to your friends and hopefully they will understand and both you and them are going to enjoy spending time together more next time when you feel energized and happy instead of tired and distracted.


    Have you worked out multiple times this week already and you are on your way home from a long day at work? Your one knee is already aching from wearing uncomfortable shoes all day long, your wrists are a bit sore after this mornings yoga class, and all you can think off is how you must get to the gym so you can feel like a super woman who can manage to do 536 tasks a day? Maybe now it’s time to stop and take a few deep breaths. Is another session at the gym what your body really needs right now? Probably not. We tend to push ourselves way to hard sometimes and we forget how important it is to listen to our bodies. We should workout to feel good and happy, not to drain ourselves. It is okey, and actually very important, to take some time to relax and rewind from a stressful week. It’s important to rest both our bodies and our minds. Your body is your friend, and it knows what you need, all you have to do is remember to listen.


    Give your body what it needs. Remember that by every meal you eat, you have the opportunity to nourish your body! The more nutritious food you eat, the better you will feel. That’s a fact. Eat fresh fruit, vegetables and berries in all the colors of the rainbow! Add some grains and protein like beans for example. Eat a lot of it and you will feel energized and focused. Make sure to eat a diet full of variety, healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants and vitamins. If you only feed your body with heavy, sugary, empty carbs, processed foods and bad fats, then of course you will eventually feel tired and sluggish.
    There are also other ways to nourish yourself, like taking a long hot epsom salt bath to relax, like getting a nice pedicure, cooking a nice meal for yourself, enjoy a glass of red wine with a friend, to plant a plant, buy your favorite tea, take a long walk in nature, swim in the ocean, learn something new. Next time you do something for yourself, notice how you feel afterwards. Are you feeling kinder towards yourself?


    If you want to find happiness, practice gratitude. Really, be grateful for all the amazing things and people you have in your life. Why do you feel like you need to chase more than that? Be grateful for waking up in the morning to a new sunny day, be grateful that your body is breathing for you, every day. Be grateful that you have a home and a computer or phone to read this on. Be grateful for the small things around you, that is so easy to forget. Before you fall asleep at night or first thing in the morning before looking at your phone, think of something you are grateful for. It will create a positive mindset for the day! Say thank you to people and really mean it, give compliments and smile to others. Talk to your friends and family about good things that happened today or this week. Just take a moment and remember how much you already have and be grateful for it every day.


    Remember to paus and check in with yourself during the day. How do you feel? When do you feel truly connected to yourself and when don’t you? What can you do right now to feel better for yourself and for others?Do something today, and every day, that allows you to shine.

  • Hello everyone and welcome to my brand new website! 
    My name is Melissa Overgaard, I’m 27 years old and I’m Swedish. 
    The last few years I’ve been working as a fashion model and traveled around the world. I’ve lived in cities like Milan, Paris, New York, London, Barcelona and Cape Town. To have a job based on my appearance taught me how important it is to take care of my body, mind and soul. During my years as a fashion model I’ve developed a huge interest in health, diet and exercise. The fashion industry can often times have disturbing standars and body image ideals that I definitely do not stand for nor support. 

    What I support is a healthy lifestyle, to feel your best and take good care of your body. You do that when you eat a healthy diet and move your body. Health begins on the inside.

    The most important thing is to listen to your own body and it’s needs. To find YOUR OWN BALANCE. Eat a diet that gives you energy throughout the day. Find a workout that you love, that also supports your own workout goals: no matter if you train to get more toned or if you train to clear your mind. Personally I’ve made the decision to eat a fully plant-based diet, which means I eat nothing that comes from animals. Also called a vegan diet. I will tell you more about this in upcoming posts here on my blog and also share all my favorite recipes. I’m a true foodie and I love to experiment in the kitchen and create plant-based meals. I always hope to inspire others to eat more healthy and plant-based foods. I like to vary my workouts with gym, HIIT, yoga, hiking, tennis and boxing. And when it comes to yoga, it’s definitely more than a workout for me. I do yoga and meditation to keep a healthy mind. 

    Since I have a huge passion for health I decided to become a Holistic health coach via IIN in New York City. More info about my health coaching is available here on my website under the tag “Health Coach“.  I’m also a certified yoga teacher via Caribe Yoga Academy in Costa Rica. So expect to find lot’s of inspiring plant-based recipes here on my website, informative posts about health and nutrition and lot’s of other fun stuff like travel food guides, workout tips and much more! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram: @melissaovergaard

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