Something that I’ve liked for a long time but definitely started to eat more of when turning completely plant-based is hummus! It’s just so good and can easily be varied with different flavors and ingredients. I use it a lot for my salads, wraps, bowls and so on. I prefer to make my own, since it’s cheaper and mostly tastier. A little trick to make your hummus extra creamy is to peel the chickpeas before putting them into the food processor. It actually makes a big difference in texture and doesn’t take too long or require too much energy.

250 g chickpeas, pre-boiled. 
1 big clove of garlic or 2 small ones
1.5 tbsp tahini (make sure to use tahini with sesame seeds as the only ingredient) 
1/2 lemon, (the juice!) 
1/2 dl – 1 dl of water, depending on how creamy you want your hummus
1 tsp paprika powder 
1/2 tsp cumin powder
Salt, pepper, chili according to taste. 

1. Rinse the chickpeas. 
Extract the peels from the chickpeas for an extra creamy hummus
Put the chickpeas in a big bowl of cold water and carefully squeeze the peels off.
2. Blend all the ingredients in a food processor until you have a soft and creamy hummus. 
3. Plate the hummus in a bowl and top with paprika powder, chiliflakes or fresh herbs. 
Enjoy with freshly baked bread, in a salad or why not in a wrap!

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