What is health?

To me, health is about the balance between your body, mind and spirit. Good health is to thrive on the food you eat, to have consistent energy throughout the day, and to be able to give your body proper rest when it needs. It’s to feel curious and content in life. To have a mind that is calm and kind to yourself and others.

Good health is about reaching a state of mind where you can think clearly and align your goals with your values in life. It’s about being able to listen to your body and what it really needs.

Balance and consistency is the key to making long term improvements in life. I do not believe in restrictive diets or hectic fitness schedules that result in feelings of guilt and hunger.

Health is never about deprivation.

Most of all,  it is about nourishing yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

 You can eat all the broccoli in the world, but if you are in a bad relationship with yourself, you will still feel tired and unhappy at the end of the day

Is my coaching for you?

As a certified Holistic Health Coach, the coaching I provide will always be from a holistic point of view. It’s based on an understanding of the connection between the mind, body and spirit. In short, this means we consider your life as a whole, focusing on establishing the balance that you need to feel your best and succeed.

There will be no diagnosis or prescriptions, no short term diets or grueling exercise regimes. My goal is for you to find a sustainable, healthy lifestyle by learning to listen to your body and making thoughtful changes that are aligned with your values.

can guide you to reach your specific health goals, but my coaching does not require you to have a specific goal in mind when starting, we will figure these out together. However, my coaching is for you if you are:

  • wanting to live a healthier lifestyle
  • curious about nutritious food
  • feeling ready to make a change
  • feeling as if something in your life is not right
  • wanting to have a better relationship with your body and mind

If you are currently struggling in one area of your life, there’s a risk it is having an effect on other areas as well. Therefore the first step is to identify the root cause of your problem, as opposed to covering up the symptoms. Instead of short term fixes, we will work together to improve the areas of your wellbeing that are lacking attention, as well as to maintain the areas where you are already thriving. This is how we ensure long term changes for you, once and for all.

Step by step I will guide you to find your balance in life and reconnect with your true self. This is the time for you to live the way you want to live and to feel the way you want to feel.

Everybody and every body is different, which is why I will always work with you as an individual.

How does it work?

I currently offer a 3 month coaching plan with 2 sessions per month, because long term changes don’t happen overnight.

Before you decide weather to sign up for my program or not, you will receive a free consultation where we can discuss further, allowing you to ask any questions you might have. During or before the consultation I will ask you to fill out a form to go through your health history, any concerns you might have, as well as your personal goals and expectations for the program.

If we then feel like working together after the free consultation, we will proceed to the program.

Our coaching sessions can be held in English or Swedish, and will take place mostly online through Skype or FaceTime.

If we are in the same city they can also be held in person.

All information provided during our sessions, in forms, emails or any other form of communication, will of course remain private and confidential at all times, and this will not at any point waver after the program is completed.
I am not a medical doctor, dietitian or therapist.
This program is not intended to make any medical diagnoses, provide any treatments for prediagnosed conditions, nor will there be any prescriptions involved. 
My only intention is to provide you with ongoing support and accountability as I give you the recommendations from a holistic point of view, allowing you to adopt a healthier lifestyle and reach your health goals.

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